Kinetic Physiotherapy offers a holistic approach to managing injury encompassing both manual “hands on” physiotherapy techniques as well as exercise rehabilitation, drawing on physiotherapy knowledge and Pilates principles and repertoire.

Physiotherapy treatments are offered only to clients of Torque Pilates integrating it’s treatment plan with the Pilates Kinetic-Physiotherapy-ManualTherapy-PicInstructors to ensure a holistic road to recovery.

  • chronic and acute back and neck pain
  • occupational overuse conditions
  • sports injuries
  • pelvis pain and dysfunction
  • arthritic conditions
  • general musculo-skeletal injuries
  • Pilates assessment for Torque Pilates clients

What is a Pilates Assessment?

A Pilates Assessment performed by a qualified physiotherapist involves discussing history of the injury (if any) and goals the client wants to achieve. The assessment will also determine any deficits in the muscles and joints that may be potentially contributing to injury.

Based on the assessment, goals of the exercise programme are determined and the Torque Pilates instructors will use these goals as a guidelines to develop an appropriate programme using Pilates repertoire and equipment as well as other exercise training techniques. The programme is updated regularly as progress is made. Recommendations will be made regarding whether other forms of treatment may be of benefit as an adjunct to Pilates sessions.