Pilates for Dancers


Pilates is a form of exercise developed in the early 1900’s by Joseph Pilates and has been embraced by the dance community worldwide as a form of cross training. It focuses on deep muscles in the abdominals and surrounding region often utilizing breathing to develop correct muscle patterning. The Pilates method helps the dancer to improve strength, flexibility and control of the dancers “centre” or “core” to fine tune dance technique. This ultimately reduces risk of injury and helps to maximize the dancer’s ability.

Pilates exercises are a big component of Kinetic Physiotherapy’s approach to dance injury management and issues identified in dance assessments and pre-pointe assessments. Home exercise programmes using Pilates principles are almost always prescribed.

Kinetic Physiotherapy also works closely with Ela Markstein Pilates Instructor (and professional dancer) of Torque Pilates studios in Katoomba which has a fully equipped Pilates studio where dancers get quality individualized classes (or no more than 3 at a time) so exercises given in classes are specific to the dancers needs identified in the physiotherapy sessions. Kinetic Physiotherapy rooms are within this Pilates studio.

Image Courtesy of Ela Markstein, Torque Pilates